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Good Things Come in Three | July 14, 2010

“Nic-jo-tat,” mom stutters. Amused, I ask: “Mom, who do you want?” “Taty,” she says distractedly.

I am one of triplets. My sisters are my constant source of amusement, insight and drama.

With triplets, its apparent from birth what personality type each sister will have for the rest of her life. Mom once told me Jolie was born last, as she wanted to swim in the liquid oasis one minute longer before making her grand appearance. When I heard these words, I immediately envisioned baby Jo doing the backstroke inside mom’s belly. I adore this mental image of Jolie because it reflects her spiritual essence so well. She is the adventurous, yet frightened sister. We all embody contradiction and this contrast has always amazed me.

I know though that secretly Jolie is the strongest sister. She hasn’t quite allowed this realization to penetrate her conscious, but she’s gradually opening her eyes and seeing. I mean that’s all we ever want, isn’t? To know ourselves authentically.

Taty has always known what values she carries close to her chest. Taty is the sister who would ask to bring home “the people” we encountered on each street corner. “Mom, can we?” She’d ask naively. When mom politely declined the invitation, Taty would ask: “Can we bring them some food?” And then another question would arise when the “no” hit her ears again. And another question. This is Taty. She’s the mom when moms not around, the soul nurturer, the miniature Mother Theresa. Taty has an endless stream of love to offer people.

Now, I am probably succeeding in making caricatures of my sisters. They are complexly imperfect, curious and conscientious sisters.

We share many similar strands of each other. We are nutty and stubborn. Oh boy, are we are ever stubborn. The other sister is never right or at least not fully. We are also self-identified extroverted introverts. Being part of a trio dynamic inevitably inspired this reserved demeanor. We always had a best friend in every situation. Started first grade. BAM. There was Taty waiting for me on the cafeteria line with a smile. Went to a party. BAM. There was Jolie to deliver clever introductions.

We know how the other thinks with precision. We just need to note the raise of an eyebrow or the biting of a lip to know that the other sister is upset, hungry, bored, or wants to leave the party that very instant. Since we know each other with such heightened sensitivity, we know how to love one another like no one else possible. Conversely, we know how to hurt the other unlike anyone else ever could. I know this too well.

I am incomplete without my triplet sisters. I make less sense without them. I am myself entirely without reservation when in their company. They balance me. They remind me of what matters right now, ten years from today and what must be let go. They hold the truth of my own existence and I am forever grateful for theirs.


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  1. You’re a great writer. 🙂 Now make us some money… go, yeah, you can do it. 😉

    Comment by It's gooodddd — September 25, 2010 @ 5:56 am

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