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Caracas, New York | July 16, 2010

A meal should have the ability to awaken you– to make you think about the minuscule ingredients not visible to the eye. Each swallow should rekindle your senses. The arepas at CaracasArepasBar garner that power over me.

Walking through the doors, I am immediately transported to a jazz-filled room with sweet smells encircling me. The restaurant is small, but the energy grand. The space has an earthy feel with its wooden chairs, open brick walls, unfired ceramic bowls and glass jars. There are handmade dolls and other brightly colored figurines adorning the wall. The dolls are fashioned with intricate details; each time I return to this restaurant, I notice something delightful I neglected to see before.

An arepa, if you don’t already know, is an ingenious concoction of kneaded cornmeal (baked, fried or grilled) with pretty much anything delicious sandwiched in between! I almost always order de pabellon, which has shredded beef, black beans, cheese, and sweet plantains, striking a much-loved balance between salty and sweet. The arepas are deceptively small, but can easily satiate your hunger.

Still, there’s more to be had. The guasacaca and chips are crunchy, crispy, and full of flavor.  And no  one can turn down made-on-site guacamole. The papelon con limon is hardened, unrefined sugar cane juice with a splash of lemon. During these summer days with the hot beaming sun, this Venezuelan lemonade is a delicious remedy to quench your thirst. The sweetness of the sugar coupled with the saltiness of the chips again creates a nice harmony among your taste buds.

If what I have described is beckoning you to explore my beloved restaurant, know that the most popular visit is in the evenings. I prefer the early afternoon, still I also encourage you to delight in the bustling energy that these merry eaters and drinkers offer. This home-style restaurant is a gem with a modest price tag. A mere $7 or $8 is worth the experience.


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