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Thank you, Santa, for my Kindle | January 14, 2011

For Christmas, “Santa” bought me a Kindle 3.

I did a great deal of research prior, though Amazon’s claim that it sold more Kindles than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was the persuasive headline.  Still, I was apprehensive:

– I could never throw my kindle against a wall, pick it up and still read it. In other words, soft pages of paper actually were less vulnerable to harm’s way than a delicate piece of plastic. I didn’t like that I had to treat it like a silk scarf.

– having worked in my college’s library for four years, I learned to love  the slightly moldy smell of books. I like the nostalgia of the old. I would never be able to buy an  “old e-book” and take a whiff of its history…

– having to pay ten dollars(+) for each e-book when this “book” was one I couldn’t touch, share with someone, seemed unfair. It didn’t have the same qualities and perks as a physical book,  so why pay the same cost?

– I wondered, would I miss jotting my chicken-scratch notes on the margins? The Kindle has an option to “write” notes, but it is very limited.

– I couldn’t lend my Kindle in the way I could pass along a book that made me cry or laugh to a friend who needed a good cry or laugh. Call me a traditionalist but one of the best aspects of reading a good book  is sharing it with someone who can find solace in those same words. (Turns out there are e-communities of borrower/lenders. Here’s one great one I am a part of:

–  What if I lost the charger and was itching to finish that last chapter but the battery died on me? (The Kindle, I discovered, has a month’s battery life– not too shabby.)

I decided to buy the Kindle 3 because:

– I figured the portability factor would encourage me to bring it with me wherever I may be and thus read more. (This did prove true!)

– I liked the anonymity of the Kindle. I could read a romance novel  or a pre-law book at my own discretion.

– I liked that I could read a 300 page book or a 20 page manual and still hold the same weight in my palms. Gone would be the days of lugging around a cumbersome book.

– With the built-in 3G feature, I could buy a book anywhere at anytime. I just switch on the wireless and browse the Amazon store online.

Technology is often about the coolness factor; the Kindle is definitely sexy, but it’s also practical. Since using the Kindle, I have read more in one week than I have in months! It  has revolutionized the way I read- I read books  faster on the Kindle for reasons unclear to me. There are also many free classics and other books that the idea of borrowing from the library seems almost trivial.

I will admit this though: I miss flipping pages.  My sister and I were reading on the couch the other night. I could hear her flipping  the pages and I could feel myself pressing down on the “next page” button. It lacked that same authenticity. I wanted to flip a page badly. I peered at her from the corner of my eyes until she realized. We stared at each for a couple  of seconds and then giggled. “How’s that Kindle treating you, huh?”  She joked. “Great! Just great” I replied with a hint of sarcasm. I really wanted to flip a page, but instead, I grinned to myself and pressed down on that silly button.



  1. Hey Nicky, glad you got a Kindle, and glad we could help you out with the info you needed at Kindle Owners!

    Comment by Casey — January 15, 2011 @ 6:37 am

  2. Hi Nicky,
    I stumbled across your post in the comments section of another article, and I wanted to thank you for such a helpful set of points about your Kindle! I’m a second-hand bookseller and completely torn between sticking to my guns (and my paperbacks) and investing in a Kindle. I love buying books and have about 1200 print books at home, and I can’t help but think that it’d really save space if I bought ebooks sometimes instead of print ones!
    What’s your verdict – should I do it? Do you have any regrets about it or has it blown away all your worries?
    Ellie @ Musings of a Bookshop Girl

    Comment by Ellie — June 22, 2011 @ 2:02 pm

    • Hi Ellie,

      Sincere apologies for the unusually late reply!

      I’m glad you found my Kindle post useful, and thanks for your question. My verdict: sentenced to a lifetime of Kindle reading.

      Really, I recommend it to anyone I encounter. The ease with which you can read in any particular situation is convenient and encourages more reading. The Kindle is easy to clean and lightweight so you can read it in unconventional places such as on a kayak, which I did the other day! Also, Amazon recently launched Kindle Singles, which are cheap (as low as a $1.00 dollar) and short reads. Amazon also has a feature allowing your friends/families to share their already purchased e-books. You save money (and they do too when you return the favor.) There is a time constraint for lending but it’s (relatively) reasonable unless you are trying to read Dostoevsky under two weeks…

      Let me know what you decide…


      Comment by Nicky — July 6, 2011 @ 3:24 pm

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